Rug Care Rules
& Cleaning Tips

Rug Care Rules

  • Rule #1: Lift, don’t drag

    Woven rugs need a little extra love and care. To avoid ‘pull’s, take care when moving furniture over the rugs to avoid ‘pulls’ and lifts in the weave.

  • Rule #2: Change it up

    Rotate your rugs regularly to offset the impact of regular foot traffic across the full surface area.

  • Rule #3: Soften the blow

    Protect your rug from sharp edges that puncture the rug surface by placing soft pads beneath the legs of table and chairs.

  • Rule #4: Shake it off (just like Taylor!)

    Vacuums can literally suck the life out of a rug, loosening the pile from it’s backing and causing bald spots. For best results, lift the rug to shake off the dust.

  • Rule #5: Give it support

    The use of an anti-slip mat beneath your rug will prevent it from moving around - less shifts, pulls and tugs will prolong its lifetime.

Cleaning Tips:

  • Tip #1: Act fast

    When you notice a spot on your rug, react immediately by moistening the spot with lukewarm water and natural soap on a cloth. Dab, don’t rub, and remove all excess liquid by blotting with absorbent paper tissue.

  • Tip #2: Call the pro's

    For stubborn or heavy spots and spills we recommended that you take the rug to a professional cleaner.

  • Tip #3: Beaut Jutes

    For Jute Rugs, vacuum your rug regularly or use a soft brush if needed for removing dirt.

  • Tip #4: The great outdoors

    All outdoor rugs can be cleaned using a hosepipe and soap. They are UV treated and waterproof but will last longer if they are in a covered outdoor area. Please take care when cleaning these rugs, no harmful sponges should be used as this can lead to knots being pulled in the rug.

  • Tip #5: The Skinny on Hides

    The beauty of a natural hide is, well, that it ages naturally - this includes inevitable hair loss over time*. Every unique piece will perform differently depending on the climate and the space it lives in. Hide rugs are best cleaned by gently shaking out dust, not vacuuming, to prevent further hair loss and spills may be gently dabbed with water and natural soap on a cloth.

    *We will not accept returns on hides that lose hair over time as this is part of the natural aging process of the product.


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