Distinctive Handcrafted Rugs

Behind every rug is an authentic journey, a story we are inspired to tell.
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The Outdoors Collection

Our most beautiful landscapes were slowly carved by the steady hands of the elements, giving them a distinct character and texture. The rugs in our Outdoors Collection are made to endure the same elements that sculpted the earth. Easy to clean, hard-wearing, and expertly crafted, these outdoor rugs are an excellent addition to enhance your outdoor spaces.
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The Child Friendly Collection

The places we play shape who we become. Crafted with children in mind, the rugs in our Child Friendly Collection are made using only safe, soft, and luxurious materials. Explore this collection now to discover rugs that help you create a safe, nurturing environment.
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The Wide Eyed Collection

The objects that we adore are passionately crafted and effuse authenticity. Hand woven by people who are passionate about their craft, using only the finest materials, these rugs are made to be cherished. The Wide Eyed Collection features our most prestigious rugs, designed to add a touch of luxury to your space.
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Home Exec

The Home Office Collection

Your workspace should reflect the way you work. This collection features rugs that blend luxury and robustness to help you create a home office that feels elevated and refined. Browse the Home Office Collection to discover rugs that reflect the care and craftsmanship that goes into your own work.
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The Nature Collection

Inspired by the unpretentious sophistication of the wilderness, these rugs were selected to help you create a refined and understated space. Handcrafted using traditional techniques, our Nature Collection brings you timeless rugs that are well-suited to a range of living spaces.
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Insta Ready

High-trend, Low Budget Collection

For creating refined spaces on a limited budget, our High-trend, Low Budget Collection brings you contemporary rug designs at accessible prices. Handwoven with premium materials, these versatile rugs were selected to help you enhance any living space.
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Netflix & Chill

The Winter Collection

In the colder months, a crackling fireplace, a steaming hot drink cupped in your hands, and a thick, fuzzy blanket make the best moments. Our Winter Collection was inspired by these cherished moments. Selected for their soft, luxurious materials, these handwoven rugs infuse a soft warmth and evoke a sense of comfort and relaxation.
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See Me Now

The Augmented Reality Collection

This collection seamlessly blends traditional crafting techniques with modern technology. Using augmented reality, these rugs are ready for you to view in 3D in your space, right now. Amazing, we know. Although you'll still need to buy the ones you want to keep.
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K, buy

End of Range Collection

Our designs might be timeless, but our ranges are temporary. Our End of Range Collection showcases the last remaining premium rugs from our carefully curated ranges.
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Our Mission

Our crafters use techniques deeply rooted in tradition, and each technique leads to a distinct texture. Our textured collection echoes our desire to bring you products with a story as distinguished as your home. Feel the texture, feel the story.