Refund Policy

Returns & refunds

  • Please refer to product discrepancies section. Voke Rugs will not accept any responsibility for issues listed in this section.

  • Items cannot be returned after 7 days from the date of invoice, unless the product becomes defective within six (6) months from the date of invoice, having regard for its general intended purpose and normal use, and that care has been taken to look after the rug according to Voke’s care and cleaning instructions, obtained from the website.

  • Please note that items arriving after the 7 working day return deadline will not be accepted and will be returned to sender. 

  • NB: If goods are not returned in the same condition they were sent out in, we reserve the right to withhold refund. Return requests will be approved at the discretion of Voke Rugs. 

  • No credits (price differences etc.) will be passed after 7 days from the date of the original invoice.

  • No quality complaints can be accepted after 6 months of the date of invoice.  

  • No returns will be accepted without a valid reason given in writing and approval from Voke Rugs representative. 

  • No returns will be accepted without a copy of the original invoice.

  • Size variations may occur as a result of items being handmade. Rugs with a width variation of +/- 3% cannot be returned for credit.

  • Credits can only be passed once the central distribution centre in Pietermaritzburg has received the item and the required documentation, and an inspection is completed to ensure the item is in its original condition and not soiled. If an item is returned and is not in its original condition or has been damaged in transport on return, it will be the Client’s responsibility. 

  • Voke Rugs cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage suffered by a customer as a result of a product having been incorrectly cleaned or handled. Please refer to cleaning & maintenance instructions.

  • No claims will be accepted if rugs have been chemically treated after purchase.

  • The Voke Rugs return policy does not apply to items bought during a SALE. We will not refund rugs that have been on sale.

  • Voke Rugs will not be held responsible for any consequential loss as a result of a defective or hazardous product.

  • Returns and refunds on custom made/custom size items: As these are made to order, we cannot accept returns/exchanges on these items.

  • We reserve the right to refuse any return in line with the above-mentioned terms.


Return Fee’s

A handling fee and delivery fee will be charged on all returned items, unless otherwise agreed. The handling fee for rugs is R500.00 Including Vat per rug. Delivery fees average between R100 - R500 Incl Vat per rug depending on your area and size of the order and weight of the product.  Delivery fees can exceed R500 on very large orders or if you are situated in outlying areas on South Africa.


For goods to be credited, a customer needs to supply us with the following documentation:

  1. A copy of invoice.

  2. Proof of return (signed copy of delivery note/waybill).

  3. Written reason for return, signed off by a Voke Rugs representative.

  4. Name of the Voke Rugs contact person who approved the credit.

  5. The refund will be made in the same tender as the original payment.

  6. Products must be returned in their original packaging and will not be eligible for return if they have been damaged. Please notify Voke rugs if packaging needs to be supplied to you prior to return of the rug. 

  7. Item needs to be sufficiently wrapped for transport ensuring that all ends of the roll are sealed. Items damaged on their return will be the Client’s responsibility. 

  8. Rugs needs to be rolled neatly on the supplied core and not folded. 

  9. We will not accept wrapping in the form of bin bags or bubble wrap.

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